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Replace the black with other colors

In the past 3 years I’ve been able to switch out the black with colours that look more appealing to my face. If you’re looking to change or decrease how much black you wear that you wear in the wardrobe of yours, then here’s a few ideas.

Black is simple, and black is elegant. Black is elegant. I’m not going to be the one to tell you to not wear black. If you like it and are happy with how you look wear it and enjoy it!

But for many of us, it’s a habit that which we are unable to stop. Maybe we realize it’s not the best choice for us and regularly make efforts to change the black color in our outfits, but it keep coming back. If you’re in that situation Here are some suggestions to help you break out of the sartorial impasse with black.

Staple of My Wardrobe

I didn’t wear much black until the latter part of the 1990s however, after that it was a staple in my wardrobe quite quickly. There was the convenience of it, as well as the fact that a lot of essentials I needed for my office were mainly available in black. It was well-traveled. It seemed a bit odd and cool.

It’s difficult to identify a sole reason why brands started creating such plain black apparel. I think it was more appealing to consumers and, perhaps, cheaper to make. It also had the appeal of the famous Little Black Dress, and the fascination for French women’s fashion, which appeared to be a strong supporter of black.

Amusement in My Clothing

At the time I left my job as a corporate employee in 2016 I knew that I wanted to inject the color of amusement in my clothing. It was difficult to find clothes and colors that wouldn’t bother me and not the reverse. It wasn’t until I did a an analysis of style and color using Red Leopard in 2019 that it seemed like I had finally “clicked” with color. (And I could clearly discern that black wasn’t my preferred choice.)

I wanted to put the lessons I’d learned quickly However, I knew that how to replace the black I wore in my wardrobe was going to take time. It’s been more than 3 years since I started the “turnover,” and I often find myself wanting to wear black.

How to replace black in your wardrobe

Most of us don’t have an unlimited budget or could completely replace a wardrobe in one shot. (Even the case that we would the options available at any time doesn’t always match what we want.) Here’s the actions I’d recommend to get rid of the dependency on the black.

Final Words

It might take a few seasons to revamp your wardrobe, particularly in the case of a lot of black that you want to replace. Keep an eye out for the clothes colours, patterns, and designs that you like. There may be fewer options in one season, but more options in another. Make the most of it when your favorite colors and styles are on the market!