Esteem Clothing

Style it first and learn how to make it our own

Why why do so many of us begrudgingly look at the clothes we wear? My clients have numerous reasons. We are able to identify what the reasons are, so they are able to overcome these obstacles and beliefs, or whatever obstacles hinder clients from fully embracing their personal style.

3 Steps How to Style

1. Launch From Inspiration

This is among the most crucial steps to taking on your own style. Ask my clients. Look through all the magazines that might have accumulated in a area of your home that you’ve never been motivated to eliminate. Create an idea board using Pinterest. There are many other ideas that I offer to my clients however, these are two ideas to help you get started.

2. Appropriate to suit your needs

Like I tell anyone who is interested in your style, you need to be honest about what you can do with your time. While you might be a fan of the latest trends but are they appropriate to suit your needs? Do not give in to the peer pressure that fashion and style induces us to believe in, and then buy. Do you begin to realize the reasons why we have many clothes you can’t wear?

3. Reflect your personal style

You’re picking things that feel relaxed and easily reflect your personal style. You are passionate about what you like and that’s the essence of your personal style is is all about!

The focus is on you. Do not copy what others do. It’s fine to admire someone else however, you should dig deeper to understand the things you are looking for in their fashion.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve identified what it is that you’re drawn to and makes you feel wonderful It’s time to do what I say to my clients “The Fashion Show-Starring You!” It’s time to put everything together. What is the best option? The sky is the limit.