Esteem Clothing

Trust What suits you well

I am familiar with and adore my personal style. It’s familiar, comfortable and I’m sure of it and it’s a good fit for me like any great relationship ought to. However, that doesn’t mean that occasionally I’m not attracted by a fashion which isn’t in my fashion. This was the case recently. So I took the decision to alter my style a little.

Here’s how I achieved it, guilt-free as well as how you could too.

Solid understanding of the garment’s

If you’ve got a solid understanding of the garment’s forms and sizes, silhouettes, and specifics, and fabrics that suit you, it’s difficult to make a terribly bad purchase. If you do find something that’s perfect for you, both in fit and design and fabric even if the hue is slight off, you could most likely be able to get away with it with just changing your makeup. This could be a great option for a large majority of women.

Textile or Style

However, here’s the place where that you can experiment with your style a little more. This is how I did it. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll be aware that I am obsessed by fashion and the French design aesthetic. I love the simple and feminity that comes with the way French women dress, as well as the way they choose their clothing decisions.

It’s seen in blouses, skirts as well as slip-dresses that appear as if they were from the 1930s or Boudoir Lingerie.

I’m not wearing satin slip dresses. It’s not even in the boudoir. Thank for your kindness. I have a gorgeous short satin robe, which was gifted to me during my wedding shower, 30 years ago.

What do I think of wearing This Garment

Because the color is subdued and the design is Classic this fabric simply raises my overall style. It’s elegant and appropriate for many festive occasions. I feel extremely elegant and stylish when I put it on.

The most recent video chat I recently did in conversation with Suzanne Blons about fall fashion that I wore this blouse. We discuss what the material conveys in terms style and the reason I picked this particular blouse.

Happy fall to all of you living who are in your part of the Northern Hemisphere, and for those of you living who are in the Southern Hemisphere, happy spring. The satin fabric will be there for you in spring, too.